Give Now. Find Solutions. Grow Peace.

Communication.  Collaboration.  Courtesy.  These values are needed now more than ever.

Locally, nationally, and globally, we face complex challenges.  In Hawai‘i, there are dissenting opinions on how to best protect natural resources and achieve 100% renewable energy.  In the U.S., school shootings in the last decade surpass those of dozens of other countries combined.  Around the globe, countries are entrenched in short- and long-term conflicts within and beyond their borders.

How can you make a difference?  Your grassroots gift makes a global impact for peace.

  • Help Improve Communication.

For Mediation your generosity changes people’s lives.  Through mediation, people develop new ways of seeing and understanding previously unsolvable issues.  Homes are saved from foreclosure.  Crippling credit card debt is negotiated.  Warring parents re-focus on sharing time with their children.  As one client stated, “You helped me see my ex-wife’s perspective.  I feel this agreement can help bring peace.”

  • Help Increase Collaboration.

For Facilitation & Training your donation transforms conflict.  When community members learn tools to promote dispute prevention and resolution, they become ambassadors for peace in their families, neighborhoods, workplaces, and beyond.  As one facilitation participant shared, “Thanks to both of you [facilitators], we are now able to move forward as one unified Big Island team.”

  • Help Spread Courtesy.

For Youth Peer Mediation your contribution empowers students.  Keiki assist classmates resolve peer-to-peer problems.  As one sixth grader said, “I am proud to be a Peer Mediator because I get to help people.  I need to think before I speak because I’m setting a good example.  I need a win-win solution.  You need to be trustworthy and able to keep things private.  I became a better listener because of my training.”