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"I've learned that mediation through Ku'ikahi Mediation Center is a vehicle that helps people like me to have a sense of control over a situation filled with anxiety and the unknown. And for that I am forever grateful."

"We were able to come to an agreement which will be greatly beneficial for our communication and future."

"The situation that brought me to mediation was difficult and painful but the mediators made me feel comfortable and heard."

"I was quite nervous about mediation and I have never experienced an eviction mediation before. [The mediator] was completely professional, polite, and understanding to my situation. I can't thank her enough for her help and thank you for allowing me the chance for this mediation."

You being a donor enables clients to access services. Over 50% of Ku'ikahi's mediation clients have annual household incomes of under $20,000 and live in some of the most economically disadvantaged areas in the state. Local non-profit legal services and court self-help centers receive more inquiries than they can process. Mediation is integral to Hawai'i's "Access to Justice" framework, which strives to ensure that all people have access to civil processes.

You can build a more just and equitable world through your generosity!