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"Mediation is safe for everybody to be able to actually communicate about their differences without being forced or blamed for what's happening in our lives."

"Mediation was an awesome process to engage in. Made it much more bearable to discuss issues between parties.”

"[The mediators] were complete blessings. They handled this process with great care and expertise. They were great listeners and made sure I felt listened to and did their best to accommodate my thoughts and wishes."

"I can't thank [the mediator] enough. 100,000 lbs. have been lifted off my shoulders."

You being a donor enables clients to access services. Over 50% of Ku'ikahi's mediation clients have annual household incomes of under $20,000 and live in some of the most economically disadvantaged areas in the state. Local non-profit legal services and court self-help centers receive more inquiries than they can process. Mediation is integral to Hawai'i's "Access to Justice" framework, which strives to ensure that all people have access to civil processes.

You can build a more compassionate and equitable world through your generosity!