Give Now. Find Solutions. Grow Peace.

Communication.  Collaboration.  Courtesy. 

These values are needed now more than ever—as we face the COVID-19 pandemic together.

How can you make a difference?  Be a partner for peace.  Give a gift in any amount to...

  • Flatten the Eviction Curve.

Your generosity changes people’s lives right now.  The Rapid Response Landlord Tenant Mediation Program provides FREE conflict prevention and resolution services to residential and commercial landlords and tenants in Hawai‘i County.  Mediators help community members have early conversations to prevent misunderstandings, explore available options, and avert legal action.  It’s proactive and solution-focused.  Help renters and owners work it out during these tough economic times. 

  • Promote Collaboration.

Your donation enables clients to access services.  During this public health crisis, quick action and new technologies are needed to support mediations by video and phone.  Over 50% of mediation clients have annual household incomes of under $20,000 and live in some of the most economically disadvantaged areas in the state.  Allowing people to mediate wherever they are removes barriers to service.  Ensure volunteer mediators have the capacity to serve the most vulnerable among us.

  • Spread Courtesy.

Your contribution allows people to feel heard.  "A business owner was trying to be open but really struggling.  They had contacted me a month ago for help finding a real estate attorney,” said Mary Begier.  “When this Rapid Response Landlord Tenant Mediation Program came out I recommended it to them.  When I saw the business owner yesterday, they were glowing with relief.  They said, 'I almost don't care what happens now, at least someone listened to me!'"