Rapid Response Landlord Tenant Mediation

free help for landlords & tenants

landlordRental troubles? Be Proactive!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all. 

  • Tenants, are you worried about paying your rent?
  • Landlords, are you concerned about covering your costs?
  • Need help to communicate your needs?

We can help you talk it out.

Conversations about money are difficult to have.  You don't need to figure this out alone.  Our neutral third party mediators are ready to assist both landlords and tenants--to talk and listen, explore options, and find your own best solutions.  

There are eviction moratoriums in place, at least for now.  A moratorium on evictions does NOT stop rent, mortgage, or utilities from being owed.

Take action now to avoid problems later.

Let our mediators help you have productive conversations to prevent misunderstandings, explore available options, and avert legal action.

FREE for commercial and residential landlords and tenants in Hawai'i County.


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People working together is what will get us through this crisis.


The Rapid Response Landlord Tenant Mediation Program was developed in partnership with West Hawai'i Mediation Center.  The program is supported by initial funding from the County of Hawai'i, County of Hawai'i Department of Research and Development, First Hawaiian Bank Foundation, Hawai'i Island REALTORS®, Hawai'i Island Strong Fund of the Hawai'i Community Foundation, Hawai'i Island United Way, Richard Smart Fund of the Hawai'i Community Foundation, Rotary Club of Hilo Bay, Rotary Club of South Hilo Foundation, and West Hawai'i Association of REALTORS®.


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"A business owner was trying to be open but really struggling.  They had contacted me a month ago for help finding a real estate attorney.  When this Rapid Response Landlord Tenant Mediation Program came out I recommended it to them.  When I saw the business owner yesterday, they were glowing with relief.  They said, 'I almost don't care what happens now, at least someone listened to me!'"

Mary Begier

Owner of Mary Begier Realty

"A service provider I use for small jobs in my business was appreciative of getting some paid work.  He mentioned what a difficult time he is having.  I know he rents his home, so I asked if he’d heard about the Rapid Response Landlord Tenant Mediation Program?  After I shared the info, he blushed and said, 'Oh my, if I can work out how to talk to my landlord than I no be shame to see myself in the mirror when I brush my teeth.'”  

Mary Begier

Owner of Mary Begier Realty

“A woman I know has 3 rental properties, likes her tenants, and wants to help them.  Each had furloughs or hours cut.  When the shutdown started, she told them not to worry about April rent, they would work things out.  When May came, she didn’t hear from any of the tenants.  She is concerned how long this situation might go on, and her brother wants his rental income share for 1 property.  She contacted me hoping for a form she could use to codify what she meant by “working things out.”  I referred her to the Rapid Response Landlord Tenant Mediation Program.  She was thrilled our community had already organized something like this.”

Mary Begier

Owner of Mary Begier Realty