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Ku'ikahi Mediation Center presents BASIC MEDIATION TRAINING 2024. Facilitated by Diane Petropulos, this 4-day training takes place ...


Held monthly on Third Thursdays from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm via Zoom. Each month an invited ...


Held monthly on Third Thursdays from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm via Zoom. Each month an invited ...

Custom Trainings For Businesses

Let us customize a training to meet your company’s needs in the areas of communication, collaboration, transforming conflict, leadership, and more.

Our trainings offer unique opportunities to local businesses to obtain world-class professional development courses from highly skilled trainers, on island, and in specialized subject areas.

Trainings are designed to: 1) introduce strategies for conflict management, 2) enhance interpersonal skills for workplace interactions, 2) increase emotional intelligence and self-management, and 3) promote collaborative skills and civil work environments.  Investing in skills-building at the front end helps prevent and mitigate problems at the back end.

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This 4-day training offers instruction in the process of mediation and how to apply advanced communication skills to help parties resolve differences. People in conflict often focus on each other as the problem, going head to head. Mediation helps people focus on the issues, so they can see they have a joint problem to solve.

Learn a variety of conflict resolution and prevention techniques in this interactive training—through lecture, group discussion, hands-on exercises, and mediation simulation practice. Whether you want to improve your communication skills or become a volunteer mediator at Ku‘ikahi, this training gives you the tools you need to start resolving conflict in peaceful, lasting ways. All backgrounds and personality types are welcome!

Our mediators are professionally trained volunteers who donate their time to assist people to find their own best solutions. Since we rely on this exceptional pool of volunteers, we continually seek out new apprentice mediators. Basic Mediation Training is a prerequisite.

This training is usually offered once annually in Hilo.

Our next Basic Mediation Training is on 2 Fridays & 2 Saturdays, February 23-24 & March 1-2, 2024 in-person in Hilo.

Basic Mediation Training


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February 23-24 & March 1-2, 2024 (32 hours over 4 days - attendance at all days is required)
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Mediators who successfully complete the Basic Mediation Training and Apprenticeship Program qualify for free continuing education opportunities. Specialized trainings are held periodically to develop skills required for certain types of cases, including domestic mediations (divorce, child custody, shared parenting time), employee and employer civil rights cases, and mediations for kupuna and their caregivers.


"I'm already using the skills gained from the Basic Mediation Training in my one-to-one conversations with students in crisis or helping students resolve conflicts with faculty, staff, and/or other students. The Division of Student Affairs is already seeing a return on the investment.  These skills are so incredible and valuable!”

Karishma Kamath

Director of Student Conduct, UH-Hilo

“As a counselor, I feel that one of the most valuable skills any of us can learn is conflict management and resolution. Ku'ikahi trains individuals and facilitates the growth of the mediation process as a means to clear the path to dealing with conflict in a healthy and healing manner.”

Karen Lee Holderman

Counselor, K-12 at Laupahoehoe Community Public Charter School

“Just learning how to actively listen to others with full attention has enabled me to interact with other people in positive ways unimaginable before taking Ku'ikahi’s classes. I’ve been able to use the skills gained in these educational programs in every exchange I have with another person.”

Paul Freeman

Professionally Trained Volunteer Mediator

“Great training!  Kept me interested the entire time.  I was concerned this training was all day and too long, but the entire class time was very interesting.  I will use what I’ve learned today in future conflicts with employees/staff.  This class should be required for all supervisors/management.”


Civility in the Workplace

“Throughout the 32-hour course the instructors made participants feel heard.  I was deeply touched by their mission to bring peace to our community.  I will and have already used the techniques to listen better and communicate with a softer tone in my personal and work life.” 


Basic Mediation Training

“The workshop was very transformative.  I feel cleansed in some intangible way, and am heartened by the fact that I now feel much more equipped to be a compassionate and communicative being.  I am going to use it in my personal and professional life.” 


Basic Mediation Training

“I truly valued and loved the realness and transparency of the classmates, instructors, and mediators.  I learned many skills I can and will use in my daily life, and for that I am extremely grateful.”


Basic Mediation Training

“The training was great, more than I expected.  The skills will be very useful in my personal life and growth.  It has made me more open and mindful to listen, really listen.  I’ve been through many trainings and feel I am leaving these last 4 days with more knowledge than any other workshop.”


Basic Mediation Training